Team Jesus

Team Jesus

October 7 & 8, 2017



Have you ever felt called to something? Maybe it was your job, a mission trip, or even to Christ himself. What was that calling like? Did you pursue that calling?



Read Matthew 10:1-42.

What is one thing that you learned from this passage?

What does it mean to be called? What did this look like for Jesus’ disciples?

What was the response to the disciples’ task?

What were the MACRO lessons that Gary pointed out in this sermon? What can we learn about our lives today from them?



How did this sermon challenge you to be more like Jesus?

Are you on TEAM JESUS? If yes, how has it been for you to be on TEAM JESUS? If not, why not?

What TASK has Jesus called you to today? How can those around you help you accomplish this task?



Today, pray with your group about what your calling is and how you can best accomplish it.



Living on mission means that we focus on Jesus, that we contribute to his kingdom, and that we participate in community. Here are three ways to help you do that:

  1. Visit our Community Finder. This new tool lists all of the “connection” opportunities here at the Creek. It has everything from classes to life groups to support and recovery groups. For more information, visit the Community Finder at
  2. Find Community. We offer a “Connect” session the second service, on the second weekend of every month in South Room 2. We would love to have you join us to find out the why, how, and where regarding connection.
  3. Attend Live and Learn! How do you study the Bible effectively? We are beginning a new class on October 18 where you will learn three steps to successfully study your Bible!