Responding To Doubt

Responding To Doubt


October 14 & 15, 2017



Do you think the church historically has had a posture of acceptance or rejection to people who have expressed having doubts? Why do you think this?

What has your experience been like with the church reacting to people’s doubts?



Read Matthew 11:2-30.

Why does John the Baptist begin to doubt Jesus?

What is Jesus’ response to John’s doubts?

How do verses 25-30 correspond to John the Baptist’s situation?

How does knowing who God is help us with our doubts?

Read Genesis 18:10-14.

What is happening in this story?

Why do Abraham and Sarah doubt God (verse 12)?

How would remembering who God is have gotten rid of their doubts?



Have you ever struggled with doubt regarding your faith? What specific areas do you struggle with the most?

In this sermon, Dan mentioned three common reasons as to why people doubt God:

  1. People doubt because of life’s difficulties.
  2. People doubt because Jesus isn’t a safe, easy, accommodating Messiah.
  3. People doubt because of pride.

Which of these reasons do you think most people struggle with the most today? Why?

Which of these reasons do you think you struggle with the most today?

How have you overcome doubt in your life by leaning into who God truly is?



This week have each person in your group write one of their doubts on a piece of paper. As a group, decide which attribute of who God is overcomes that doubt. Then, pray that attribute of God over that specific doubt together for each person.



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